Monday, January 6, 2014

Confessions of a Bed Hog - I Love Being One!

OK my 4-legged friends, you'll have to pay attention here...maybe get your humans to draw you pictures.

I am a Bed Hog ! 

There I said it and I AM PROUD OF IT !

Let me share my techniques with you guys.  If you have any suggestions, let me know!

The easiest thing to do is to claim your space right after your people have made their big soft bed and don't leave!  This pretty much guarantees that you'll get to stay!  Well, maybe not where you started out, but you'll get to stay!  

I do it like this.........

If your humans come in and try to move you all you need to do is give them "the look" .  Mine is kinda like this ..... 

See my eyes?  That's not just something I do for that flashy box thing Dad uses to take pictures!  It's my look that gets me anything I want!  A Cookie......A new Toy....or yeah, even a place on the Bed!  For some reasons my humans can't resist that look!  Try it!  It works!

Now, this next one is kind of tricky because there aren't any pictures...this is where your human's (Or the Kat) might have to draw you a picture!

First, let your humans get onto that big soft bed and let them get snuggled in.  

Second, jump up carefully and lay down.

Next, when one of them rolls over you move closer.  They will move again because it's easier than booting you off.  When they move closer again!

By the middle of the night, you have the whole big soft bed and they have the space of your food bowl to sleep in!  If you are lucky, you'll get all of those warm covery things too!

What do you guys do to take over the bed?



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